Currently, the AI decision making outcome is yet a “Black Box”. Aiming to ensure safe and reliable decision support to the Air Traffic Controllers, the ARTIMATION project is developing algorithms with different visualisation techniques that can provide a transparent and explainable AI model through data-driven storytelling and immersive analytics.

During the first months of the project, the Consortium successfully completed the first deliverables: do not forget to download the Project Management Plan and the Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation Plan!

AI Support in ATM

Is automation helpful in the field of Air Traffic Management? How does it work?

In a systematic literature review, ARTIMATION defined a State of the Art for actual AI support in ATM. If you are curious about AI algorithms, their transparency and lifelong machine learning, remember to download the deliverable!

Too busy to read an entire deliverable? ARTIMATION presented the State of the Art for AI support in ATM at the 11th EASN Conference

ARTIMATION first workshop

On the 6th of July, ARTIMATION held its first workshop to develop a prioritised list of tasks to be supported by XAI algorithms. Have a look at how it went!

During the workshop, the participants elected two task as the best to be supported by XAI: AI issues instructions and AI optimises available capacity.

The development of the roadmap

After having a prioritised list of tasks, the Consortium needed to refine the first workshop’s outcomes: on the 5th of August ARTIMATION held an internal workshop to select more specific tasks to be supported by XAI algorithms and develop a roadmap for the project.

Finally, two tools will be developed: a Delay Prediction and Propagation tool, sub-task for AI optimises utilisation of available capacity, and a Conflict Detection and Resolution tool, as a hybrid sub-task for AI issues instructions and AI optimises utilisation of available capacity.

The Conflict Detection and Resolution tool will be tested with two different visualisation techniques: a basic screen-based visualisation and an advanced 3D visualisation.

Find the roadmap here!

Did you know that we have a full deliverable describing in details the preparation, the proceedings and the outcomes of both the workshops? You can find it here!

ARTIMATION presented at the 2nd edition of the Automation Workshop

On the 5th of October 2021, the Project Contributor Shaibal Barua, from Mälardalen University, introduced ARTIMATION at the second edition of SESAR Joint Undertaking Automation Workshop. During the workshop, several AI-related SJU projects were introduced.

Curious about understanding ARTIMATION in a few minutes? You can find the Automation Workshop presentation on our YouTube Channel!

Second General Assembly Meeting

On the 30th of November and the 1st of December, ARTIMATION held its Second General Assembly Meeting, held in Rome and hosted by Sapienza University. During the meeting, the Consortium defined some crucial actions to validate both the Conflict Detection and Resolution tool and the Delay Prediction and Propagation tool. Check out our blog for a more detailed description.

Intermediate Review Meeting

On the 1st of February ARTIMATION held its Intermediate Review Meeting. All the Consortium had the opportunity to present the results for each Work Package since the beginning of the project in front of SJU. The meeting had two main focuses: the dissemination and communication activities of the project and the validation of the Delay Prediction and Propagation tool. Important decisions were taken: SJU will help improve the visibility of ARTIMATION and soon SJU e-news will publish an interview with the Project Coordinator, Mobyen Uddin Ahmed. Furthermore, the Consortium will hold a web meeting with representatives from SJU to define a new validation for the Delay Propagation tool and improve ARTIMATION‘s outcomes. Have a look at our blog for a more detailed description of the meeting

Did you know that ARTIMATION opened a community on Zenodo? Check it out!

Advisory Board workshop

On the 13th of April ARTIMATION held its Advisory Board workshop to refine the concepts to be tested during the performance of the validation activities. Important feedback was gathered both for the Conflict Detection and Resolution and Delay Prediction and Propagation tools. More details can be found on the news on our website! 

ARTIMATION presented at ICCAS 2022!

On the 1st of June 2022 ARTIMATION was presented by our Christophe Hurter (ENAC) at the International Conference on Cognitive Aircraft Systems in Toulouse, with a poster about the project and its first outcomes. Interested in ARTIMATION? Do not forget to download the poster!

ARTIMATION held its 3rd General Assembly Meeting on June 8th and 9th! Check out our news to read the most important outcomes of the meeting.

Innovative neurophysiological measures

ARTIMATION will assess Acceptance and Human Performance related to the novel interface for Conflict Detection and Resolution visualisation: check them out in our article, or download the Deliverable 4.1: Neurophysiological measures related to specific mental and emotional states!

Did you know that ARTIMATION took part in the World ATM Congress 2022 in Madrid? Download the brochure!

ARTIMATION tested in July a completely different visualisation radar-screen-based on heat maps to provide explainability to AI algorithms. We wrote about it in this article.

ARTIMATION has a new publication on AI methods: check it out on our Zenodo community!

RPAS and AI in Aviation

On the 4th and 5th of November 2022 ARTIMATION attended the event in Rome “RPAS and AI in Aviation”, showing the preliminary results of the project for both use cases and attending the Final Dissemination Event of the ER4 project MAHALO. Check out all the event here:

What distinguishes ARTIMATION from the other ER4 projects?

During the last call for proposals launched by the SESAR – Joint Undertaking, 5 different projects were funded to deepen the concept of AI support in ATM. Therefore, the 5 projects ARTIMATION, MAHALO, SafeOPS, TAPAS and AISA started a close collaboration to detail different Explainable AI use cases. Check out the concepts of the 5 projects here:

ARTIMATION mentioned by Air Traffic Technology International Magazine

Project ARTIMATION has been acknowledged by Air Traffic Technology International Magazine for its success in enhancing the transparency of AI technology in air traffic systems. This recognition highlights the project’s contribution to Explainable AI (XAI) and its role in making AI’s decision-making processes more comprehensible. A significant step in improving aviation technology! Download the article here