On Tuesday the 6th of July, the ARTIMATION project held its first Workshop.

The meeting lasted two-and-a-half hours and brought together different types of aviation stakeholders such as students, techs and controllers. Using the collaborative platform Miro.com, participants had the opportunity to interactively produce a prioritization of the implications of introducing AI in ATM.

More precisely, the interactive exercise and related discussion focused on the levels of explainability of the AI outcomes required to let the AI perform some tasks in the future. These includes, for example, Issuing Instructions, clearance delivery, optimizing utilization of available capacity, take-off time prediction, and so on. Participants gathered to answer a simple question with complex implications: How transparent should the AI be to the human?

Thanks to this workshop the ARTIMATION Consortium has prioritized a list of ATC / NM tasks to be supported by AI for different levels of transparencies. The Consortium has also collected some use stories and scenarios that will be helpful for the validation activities of ARTIMATION algorithms.

In addition to members of ANACNA, TAPAS, EGIS, and DFS, representatives from ENAC, La Sapienza University and Mälardalen University also took part in the workshop, together with members of the Advisory Board (EUROCONTROL) and of other relevant SESAR projects (MAHALO, AISA, SAFELAND, HARVIS).

ARTIMATION would like to thank all the participant to have contributed significantly to the success of the workshop, laying an excellent foundation for the future of the project!

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