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Challenges and context

The AI Decision Making's "Black Box"

In Air Transportation Management the Decision Making Process is already associated with AI. The algorithms are meant to help ATCOs in daily tasks, but they still face acceptability issues. Today’s automation systems with AI/Machine Learning do not provide additional information on top of the Data Processing result to support its explanation, making them not transparent enough. The Decision Making Process is expected to become a “White Box”, giving understandable outcome through an understandable process.

XAI Solutions
XAI solutions

Transparency and Explainability

ARTIMATION’s goal is providing a transparent and explainable AI model through visualization, data driven storytelling and immersive analytics. This project will take advantage of human perceptual capabilities to better understand AI algorithm with appropriated data visualization as a support for explainable AI (XAI), exploring in the ATM field the use of immersive analytics to display information

News and events
Brochure final event

Final Event

ARTIMATION will end after December 2022, and it is now time to disseminate every project concept and outcome to the advisory board and to everyone

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