On the 1st of February the ARTIMATION project held online the Intermediate Review Meeting with the Project Officer Alessandro Prister, together with Karine Bansard, Reza Goulamaly, Riccardo Massacci, Triona Keaveney and Laurence Dara as representatives from SESAR Joint Undertaking. The meeting took place on Webex platform due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All the members from the Consortium took part in the meeting.

The first part of the meeting started with a brief introduction from the Project Coordinator, Mobyen Uddin Ahmed, about the evolution of the project starting from the kick-off meeting. After introducing the project management work package, Pietro Aricò (Sapienza University), supported by Nicola Cavagnetto (Deep Blue) introduced the main outcomes of work package 3: definition of specifications and state of the art. Pietro Aricò presented the main topics regarding the state of the art, while Nicola Cavagnetto showed the main results of the T3.2 and T3.3 workshops. Then, Livia Virginia Camillo from Deep Blue presented the first year of activities of dissemination, communication, and exploitation. After the presentation, the Consortium collected useful insights to improve the activities of this Work Package. ARTIMATION will focus more on the activities towards the general public, exploiting videos and workshops to present outcome and results.

After the presentation of the dissemination, communication, and exploitation work package, the Intermediate Review Meeting focused its attention on the validation of the use cases for the tool of delay prediction and propagation and for the tool of conflict detection and resolution. Useful insights were collected to have a better plan for the validation activities, that ENAC will host in Toulouse by July 2022. Nicola Cavagnetto from Deep Blue introduced the experimental design for both the tools to be developed. Later, Augustin Degas, supported by Christophe Hurter and Minesh Poudel from ENAC, deepened the validation activities for the tool of conflict detection and resolution, giving a complete overview of the platform the ARTIMATION project will use, together with the description of the scenarios and the visualisation techniques that will help understand the AI outcome. After ENAC, Shaibal Barua from MDU introduced the validation activities for the simulation of the tool of delay prediction and propagation.

After the lunch break, Stefano Bonelli from Deep Blue presented the performed activities within work package 2, Ethics and security, discussing the updated version of the data management plan of the project. Later, Augustin Degas, Giulia Cartocci (Sapienza University) and Hamidur Rahman (MDU) showed the intermediate results for work package 4, multivariate data analytics and AI model development. Then, latest results and next steps for lifelong machine learning with human-centered AI (from work package 5) were introduced by Shaibal Barua, Augustin Degas and Pietro Aricò. Finally, Minesh Poudel introduced latest contents from Work Package 7: guidelines and training.

In conclusion of the Intermediate Review Meeting, all the representatives from SJU held a final project assessment. All the participants defined a shared action plan to improve ARTIMATION project’s quality.

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