Delay Prediction Validation

Delay Prediction Scenario

If the Conflict Detection and Resolution use case was focused on an explanation of the AI outcome provided through the interface, the Delay Prediction use case involves an algorithmic explanation.  ARTIMATION developed three different Machine Learning algorithms to provide transparency to the AI decision-making process to predict a delay on a single runway, and therefore […]

Conflict Detection and Resolution visualisation validation

Conflict Detection and Resolution simulations

During the first year and a half of the project, we introduced many times the task of Conflict Detection and Resolution. After the Advisory Board workshop, in which ARTIMATION refined the concept of a new conflict visualisation, the final version of the protocol was developed and on July 11th the first validation activities started. The […]

Measuring Acceptance and Human Performance in ARTIMATION

Mindtooth to assess acceptance and human performance

The ARTIMATION project aims to provide Explainability to Artificial Intelligence outcomes through transparent AI models and novel visualisation techniques, following a user-centred approach. The project will validate two different use cases: a Conflict Detection & Resolution decision support, which will provide transparency with a novel interface based on intuitive heat maps and decision-based storytelling, and […]

Third General Assembly Meeting

On June 9th, ARTIMATION held its 3rd General Assembly meeting. The meeting was held in a hybrid modality: members from the whole Consortium were able to attend the meeting in presence at Mälardalens University, in Västerås, while members from the Advisory Board joined the event remotely. The Consortium discussed the validation activities that will follow in […]

ARTIMATION Project of the Month

ARTIMATION has been elected as Project of the Month by SESAR – Joint Undertaking for the month of March 2022! Artificial Intelligence holds great promise for enabling Europe to sustainably manage growing air traffic and increasingly complex air space. Nonetheless, AI needs to be explainable and trustworthy, says Mobyen Uddin Ahmed, our Project Coordinator. What […]

Intermediate Review Meeting

On the 1st of February the ARTIMATION project held online the Intermediate Review Meeting with the Project Officer Alessandro Prister, together with Karine Bansard, Reza Goulamaly, Riccardo Massacci, Triona Keaveney and Laurence Dara as representatives from SESAR Joint Undertaking. The meeting took place on Webex platform due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All the members from […]

ARTIMATION’S one year update

Currently, the AI decision making outcome is yet a “Black Box”. Aiming to ensure safe and reliable decision support to the Air Traffic Controllers, the ARTIMATION project is developing algorithms with different visualisation techniques that can provide a transparent and explainable AI model through data-driven storytelling and immersive analytics. In the first year of project […]

Second General Assembly Meeting

On the 30th of November and 1st December ARTIMATION attended its Second General Assembly Meeting, held in La Sapienza – University of Rome in a mixed modality of presence and remotely. All the Consortium partners were able to participate physically: representants from Mälardalen University (MDH), Deep Blue, La Sapienza and ENAC joined the meeting in […]

The ARTIMATION Project presented at the 11th EASN International Conference

On the 3rd of September 2021, the ARTIMATION Project attended the 11th EASN International Conference on Innovation in Aviation & Space to the Satisfaction of the European Citizens, hosted online.   The ARTIMATION Project ATCOs are currently supported by several technologies and automations. However, nowadays automation systems do not need to provide additional information on […]

ARTIMATION’s workshop – Definition of the Roadmap

During these past months, the ARTIMATION Project has been developing the XAI algorithms to support the ATCOs’ tasks that, according to workshop for task T3.2 – Prioritisation Workshop, would need more the help of XAI: AI optimises utilisation capacity and AI issues instructions. Two different tools will result from this task: a Conflict Detection and Resolution tool […]