ARTIMATION has been elected as Project of the Month by SESAR – Joint Undertaking for the month of March 2022!

Artificial Intelligence holds great promise for enabling Europe to sustainably manage growing air traffic and increasingly complex air space. Nonetheless, AI needs to be explainable and trustworthy, says Mobyen Uddin Ahmed, our Project Coordinator.

What is XAI? Why should AI be explainable? What makes ARTIMATION different from other SJU AI-related projects?

These and more questions have been addressed by Mobyen Uddin Ahmed during a brief interview to present the project: read the interview here!

ARTIMATION is delighted the SJU has chosen it as Project of the Month, which is a great indicator that the Project is pursuing the right goals in an innovative way. Thank you everyone!

Where are we going next? Waiting for the simulations that will take place in July hosted by ENAC in Toulouse, do not forget to follow our LinkedIn and Twitter accounts to be constantly updated about upcoming news and events!