On the 23rd of June ARTIMATION attended its first half-year Consortium meeting. The meeting took place on Zoom and involved all ARTIMATION Consortium: Mälarden University (MDH) as project coordinator, ENAC – École National de l’Aviation Civile, Deep Blue, Sapienza University and members from EUROCONTROL as external advisory board.

Starting from the definition of specifications and the State of Art of AI support in ATM, the Agenda involved two workshops to answer the important questions that ARTIMATION aims to address:

How can we gain trust in the context of ATM/ATC?
What specificity XAI must have in ATM that it doesn’t have in general XAI?
What should not be explained?

All the teams presented the main results of this first months of work, to have a general overview of the project and to adjust this first half-year progresses.

The meeting has been productive, having important feedbacks from EUROCONTROL experts in dialogue with the ARTIMATION Consortium about the transparent AI models with explainability, the data visualization with immersive technology, the neurophysiological measures related to specific mental and emotional states and the lifelong machine learning with Human-Centered AI.

The ARTIMATION Consortium is now ready for the next step that is the 6th of July Workshop on the “ATM Tasks to be supported by AI algorithms – Prioritization Workshop” which will involve various experts from different fields (ATM/ATC, AI, and Human Factors).
If you are interested in participating, you can join us in the workshop by registering here for free: https://forms.gle/TCoafqfX4zWDqMCB9

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