ARTIMATION project aims at investigating AI methods in predicting air transportation traffic and optimizing traffic flows based on the domain of Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI), providing a proof-of-concept of transparent AI models that includes visualization, explanation, generalization with adaptability over time to ensure safe and reliable decision support.

ATM Tasks to be supported by AI algorithms: the prioritization workshop

To achieve this goal, ARTIMATION is organizing an interactive online workshop, to identify the potential ATM tasks to be supported by AI algorithms developed by the ARTIMATION project.

The workshop will allow participants from different ATM segments to discuss the way different levels of explainability provided by AI algorithms (XAI) could support different ATM tasks. ATM experts, Human Factors experts, and AI experts will engage in individual and groups sessions, in a formative and summative logic during the time frame of the morning of the 6th of July 2021, using the collaborative platform The workshop will be facilitated by the experts in Deep Blue, as responsible of the task for the ARTIMATION consortium, and representatives from EUROCONTROL, ENAC, MDH, Università la Sapienza will also participate, together with members of the Advisory board of other relevant SESAR projects, i.e. MAHALO, AISA, SAFELAND, HARVIS.


The Workshop will result in a prioritized list of tasks to be supported by AI for different sectors and operations. Quantification of the expected enablers and barriers for XAI will also be among the result of the workshop, together with a collection of use stories and scenarios to be considered for the validation activities of the ARTIMATION algorithms.


If you are also working on this topic (from whatever perspective: ATC, AI, HF, Regulation, etc.) and you would like to participate to the workshop, please feel free to sign in to the following form:

Preliminary Agenda

Here are more practical details if you would like to participate!

The workshop will last from 9:00 to 11:30  and it will be divided into five steps (breaks included):

  • A first familiarization with the ARTIMATION project and XAI solutions
  • Familiarization with Miro, the online tool where the workshop will happen
  • An individual exercise part assessing the potential AI support in different ATM tasks
  • A guided prioritization exercise to discuss in small groups the different opinions about XAI for the different tasks
  • A final interactive activity on a potential future scenario support on the top priority identified by the group

The workshop results may be published in any scientific exchange and dissemination considered appropriate (project reports, journal articles, conference presentations, scientific publications…), and will be compliant with the GDPR normative.