As we approach the end of the research project, Artimation will participate and co-organise a free and in person joint event in Rome (Italy) on 3-4 November.

Artimation, Mahalo, INVIRCAT, URClearED, SAFELAND and SafeOPS, six exploratory research projects financed by the SESAR Joint Undertaking programme, are about to come together to present the audience with the latest developments within the SESAR JU framework in two of the most promising aviation topics: Drones and Artificial Intelligence.

Why these six projects in one joint event?

According to OPTICS and OPTICS2 projects’ analysis – which investigated European aviation research to assess if it is on the right track towards Flightpath 2050 to provide recommendations to steer EU Aviation Safety and Security research – Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) explainability are two of the hottest themes still to be explored in aviation.

In fact, as stated in the OPTICS2 “Final Safety and Security integrated recommendations” report published in 2021,

“Finding the right Human-AI partnerships will be key to future aviation safety. The Intelligent Assistant (IA) in the cockpit and on the ground will be the crucial stepping stone toward fuller Artificial Intelligence (AI) by 2050. Research is urgently needed to determine how humans and AIs can work together productively and safely, including human supervision and recovery in case of ‘aberrant behaviour’ by AI systems”.

OPTICS2 Project - Final Safety and Security integrated recommendations Tweet

Also, the OPTICS Final Report “Is European Aviation Safety research delivering?” highlights that automated drones and UAM vehicles will have to rely on seamless integration of automated flight controls, thus providing another level of challenge for development and operation. In particular, the report notes, 

The integration of RPAS and drones into civil airspace needs urgent research, [...] together with the development of a new CONOPS that accommodates the rapidity and scale of developments occurring with RPAS/UAS and their impending integration into airspace

OPTICS2 Project - Final Safety and Security integrated recommendations Tweet

In the European exploratory research panorama, the almost completed SESAR 2020 programme has planned, financed, and disseminated research progress and results that are really worth highlighting.

This joint event will present six projects that enriched and contributed to SESAR’s progress, marking great steps forward for the domain, both for drones and AI integration.

In particular, INVIRCAT, URClearED and Safeland will present their research activities and results focused on the RPAS integration in the civil air space on the event’s opening day, November the 3rd.

SafeOPS, Mahalo and Artimation will instead show their ongoing research within the human – AI teaming in aviation framework, on November the 4th.

For Artimation, this joint event will be an important appointment where the research and its accomplishments will be presented to the audience and the stakeholders.

Don’t miss this opportunity, especially if you have been following the entire project process for the past two years.

Who should participate

The RPAS and AI in Aviation event is open to everybody to attend. However, we address in particular a specific audience active in the fields of RPAS, AI and automation, and aviation-related activities. For example:

  • Regulators
  • U-Space and UAS related service providers
  • ATCOs
  • Pilots
  • Research and academia
  • Experts of Artificial Intelligence and automation

How, when and where to participate

The event will take place on the 3rd and 4th of November 2022, in Rome (Italy). The opening time is at 14:00 (CET) and the closing time is at 14:00 (CET) on the second day.

The hosting location is Centro Congressi Cavour, Via Cavour, 50/a, 00184 Rome (Italy), in the city center and at walking distance from Termini Train Station (less than 10 minutes).

Participation is free, but registration is needed: register now! Registration will close on the 28th of October EOB.

Agenda and keynote speakers

Detailed agenda will follow soon. In the meantime, save the date in your calendar!

About the involved projects

This event is co-organised by the following projects:

Visit their websites for more information.